Whitehorse Airport Arrivals & Departures

Below are daily flight departure and arrival information for the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport.
Phone: (867) 667-8440


Last updated 1/29/2015 at 2:08 AM

      Flight   Cities   Arrival
    506   Vancouver   1:40PM   On Time  
    289   Vancouver   3:05PM   On Time  
    208   Dawson, Old Crow, Inuvik   4:10PM   On Time  


Last updated 1/29/2015 at 2:08 AM

      Flight   Cities   Weather   Departure
    288   Vancouver   2 C   5:50AM   On Time  
    505   Vancouver   2 C   8:00AM   On Time  
    207   Dawson, Inuvik     8:15AM   On Time  
    511   Yellowknife, Ottawa   -31 C   2:20PM   On Time  
    555   Vancouver, Kelowna   2 C   3:30PM   On Time  
    290   Vancouver   2 C   3:50PM   On Time  


The airport’s parking lot is public parking with the except for the courtesy/shuttle bus area and permitted parking areas.

For the first hour parking is free. After that there is a parking fee of $5.00 per day.

There are no designated short and long-term parking lots. A few “Day Use Only” lots are near the handicap parking lots.

Luggage and Carry Ons

For questions about checking in your luggage please call the airline you’re flying with:
• Air Canada 1-888-247-2262
• Air North 1-867-668-2228
• Condor 1-866-960-7915
• First Air 1-800-267-1247

For the status of your luggage please call the airline you flew with:
• Air Canada 1-888-689-2247
• Air North 1-867-668-2228
• Condor 1-866-960-7915
• First Air 1-800-267-1247

To learn what items are allowed in your carry-on luggage please view the CATSA Website or call local CATSA office at 1-867-393-3556

Other Information

Storage lockers are not available at the Whitehorse Airport

The Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport is open at 4:45 am and closed normally around 1:30 am, depending on when the last scheduled flight arrives.

There is Airport Security on duty 24/7 at the Whitehorse International airport.

For lost items please contact Airport Security at 867-667-8451

The Airport’s restaurant is open from 4 am until the last flight of the day leaves.

At the airport there are three car rental services available:
Driving Force 1-867-456-2277
National 1-867-456-2277
Budget 1-867-667-6200

There is a Canada Border Services Agency office that is staffed for international flights such as Condor or when called for Customs processing by itinerant international flights. To contact CBSA please call 1-800-461-9999 or 867-667-3965.

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