Whitehorse Airport Arrivals & Departures

Below are daily flight departure and arrival information for the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport.
Phone: (867) 667-8440


Last updated 7/25/2014 at 1:56 AM

      Flight   Cities   Arrival
    143   Ottawa, Vancouver   12:18PM   On Time  
    506   Vancouver   1:40PM   On Time  
    289   Vancouver   1:45PM   Early  
    308   Dawson, Old Crow, Inuvik   2:45PM   On Time  
    512   Yellowknife, Ottawa   4:10PM   On Time  

Cork and Bull Whitehorse, Yukon Rstaurant
Popular Whitehorse Pub


Last updated 7/25/2014 at 1:56 AM

      Flight   Cities   Weather   Departure
    288   Vancouver   14 C   5:55AM   On Time  
    307   Dawson, Old Crow, Inuvik     7:00AM   On Time  
    2307   Old Crow     7:30AM   On Time  
    505   Vancouver   14 C   8:00AM   On Time  
    142   Vancouver, Ottawa   14 C   12:55PM   On Time  
    290   Vancouver   14 C   2:20PM   Early