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Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters

More than a century ago, a gold rush first put Atlin on the map. Now this remote, beautiful town in Northern British Columbia, is experiencing a new kind of resource

Boom: fresh, artisanal coffee.

The Atlin Mountain coffee roastery proudly offers light, medium and dark blends as wild and full of character as the place they are roasted. No chemicals, no pesticides: just organic, fair trade beans, carefully brought to perfection in the Canadian wilderness.
The roastery is complimented by a ‘downtown Atlin’ espresso cart, conveniently located next to the Courthouse gallery. Here you can enjoy a full espresso bar and of course a drip coffee, if you so prefer.

The environmental and social ethos of this roastery reflects the values of the family that runs it. while exploring the world, traveling through 24 countries on 4 continents, by bicycle, ski, packhorse, dogsled and canoe, Philippe and Leandra Brient discovered that nothing makes you feel at home like a delicious cup of coffee.

Today, in addition to roasting coffee, both Leandra and Philippe are also volunteer firefighters, members of Atlin’s Search and Rescue Society and RCMP detention guards in Atlin.

Prior to their extremely busy lifestyle, Leandra and Philippe grew up in the Netherlands and France respectively. Being constantly surrounded by the sound of espresso machines and grinders gave them the appreciation for coffee that they would use later on in life with their roasting house and café.

The Brients founded the Atlin Mountain coffee roastery to supply fresh, locally roasted coffee from their off grid property to you, wherever you are in the world. If you didn’t call Atlin home yourself, sipping this “black gold” is the next best thing.

Should you ever get the chance to visit beautiful Atlin, potentially for their annual arts and Music Festival, stop by Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters!

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