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Yukon campgrounds and RV parks welcome travellers. A network of designated public and private campgrounds exists throughout the Yukon. Government campgrounds usually offer basic amenities, such as picnic tables, campfire pits, wood, picnic shelters, outhouses, and hand-pumped water. To stay at a government campground, you'll need to purchase a daily campground permit for $12 per night. Permits are available on site at Yukon government campgrounds, and pre-paid permits can be purchased at most service stations, highway lodges, retail stores and Environmental Yukon offices.

The Yukon's wide variety of private campgrounds often offer a wider variety of amenities than government campgrounds, such as dumping stations, running water, and places to fill up your water tank.

Whichever option you choose, you'll find classic Yukon scenery and warm hospitality! Be sure to pick up a free Yukon RV Magazine en route to help plan your trip.

Pioneer RV Park
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Dawson City RV Park & Campground

Pioneer RV Park

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