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The Yukon is home to endless scenic lakes swimming with lake trout, grayling, and arctic char. In the late summer and fall, rivers flow with Pacific salmon. Try your luck and see if you can catch one for yourself, or employ the expertise of one of our local fishing charters and outfitters, listed below.

If you plan to do any kind of fishing, even for the odd grayling by the roadside, you need a licence. Angling licences can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, convenience stores, highway lodges and at the Environment Yukon office at 10 Burns Road in Whitehorse. Visitor information centres do not sell fishing licences.

Every year a new version of the Yukon Fishing Regulations Summary is published featuring catch and possession limits, lakes and rivers with special rules, and general fishing regulations including any changes for the year. The Fishing Regulations are also available in French and German.

Wherever you fish, we ask you to

  • Treat the fish gently, with respect
  • Lean the proper handling techniques, and
  • Practise live release in moderation.

Fishing licence fees

Yukon / Alaska Resident

  • $15 (season)

Canadian Resident

  • $25 (season)
  • $15 (6 day)
  • $10 (1 day)


  • $35 (season)
  • $20 (6 day)
  • $10 (1 day)
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Yukon Fishing Adventure

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