Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park is beautiful in the winter

Liard Hotsprings is a popular year-round stop for travellers on the Alaska Highway, but in the winter the experience can be surreal. The surrounding flora is enveloped in a white layer of ice and snow from the steam rising off the pools. Although Liard is open year round there are few visitors in winter and you could have the hotsprings all to yourself.

Alpha pool, the hot spring that is open to the public, has water temperatures ranging from 42° C to 52° C. Facilities include a change house and composting toilet.

The hot springs complex, set in a lush boreal spruce forest, has national ecological significance. A boardwalk passes through a warm water swamp and boreal forest that supports rich and diverse plant communities as well as mammal and bird species.

Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park is located in British Columbia, Canada, at kilometre 765 of the Alaska Highway, approximately 60 km north of Muncho Lake Provincial Park.

Check out the video below for a tour of the hot springs in winter.


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