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Southern Lakes Region

The Southern Lakes region is a gem of the Yukon. Mountains crested with glaciers meet clear blue lakes, and endless boreal forests sit in between. The network of lakes, rivers, and glacier streams form the headwaters of the mighty Yukon River, and the area’s network of waterways and trails form a backcountry playground for adventurers. Several small communities, rich with history, make this scenic area home.

During the fur trade, the Southern Lakes region was an important region for trade between the coastal Tlingit people and the inland Kaska and Tutchone peoples. The Tagish people, whose traditional territory lies in the Southern Lakes region, became the middlemen in this trade relationship, and adopted many customs of the Tlingit. During the Gold Rush, the Southern Lakes region was a transportation centre for goods and people moving north into the Klondike. The White Pass and Yukon Route railway connected the Southern Lakes region to Whitehorse, and sternwheelers moved throughout the lakes system to transport goods, gold-seekers, and tourists.

Today, the Southern Lakes region’s vibrant communities and many opportunities for outdoor adventure make it a popular place to visit. You can access the region via the Alaska Highway and the South Klondike Highway.

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