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Tagish Road

The Tagish Road winds through the heart of the Yukon’s Southern Lakes region. It links Jake’s Corner on the Alaska Highway with Carcross on the South Klondike Highway. Jake’s corner is about 1 km away from the Atlin Road turn off. The small town of Tagish can be found about 30 km east of Carcross along the Tagish Road.

The Tagish Road was part of the original route of the Alaska Highway. It was also the area where the RCMP set up during the gold rush to monitor the activities of gold-seekers and trappers. It offers excellent opportunities to view wildlife and access the Southern Lakes.


Points of Interest

 Tagish Bridge Recreation Site
22 km (14 mi.) from Jake’s Corner
37 km (23 mi.) from Carcross

Here Tagish River, also known as the Six Mile River, flows into Marsh Lake. It is one of the first places in the Yukon where swans and other waterfowl appear in March. The bridge can be easily accessed from the campground.

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Tagish Holiday Park

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