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Free Things to do in Skagway, Alaska

  1. Stop by the Skagway Visitor Center in AB Hall on Broadway between 2nd and 3rd.
  2. Pick up a copy of the Skaguay Alaskan – Guide to Skagway.
  3. Walk out to the Gold Rush Cemetery and Reid Falls.
  4. Stroll the restored Historic Boardwalk of Broadway in the Skagway Historic District.
  5. Enjoy a walking tour of the Historic District with the National Park Service ranger.
  6. Visit the Klondike Gold National Historical Park Visitor Center at the corner of 2nd and Broadway.
  7. Watch the film “Days of Adventure/Dream of Gold” at the corner of 2nd and Broadway.
  8. Stroll by the Skagway school completed in 1985, located at the corner of 15th and Main Streets. It was built as a commitment to the future and offers a comprehensive academic and activity program to the students in grades K-12.
  9. Tour the unique shops in Skagway.
  10. Photograph the McCabe / City Hall building.
  11. Drive or walk to the Lookout on Dyea Road.
  12. Hike to Lower Dewey Lake.
  13. Hike the A.B. Mountain Trail.
  14. Stroll out to Yakutania Point.
  15. Relax in Molly Walsh or Pullen Creek Park.
  16. Watch salmon spawn in August – Pullen Creek.
  17. Take a break in the local library featuring Gold Rush books and resource material.
  18. Stop and smell the fragrance of the many beautiful flowers in Alaska’s Garden City.
  19. Take a Dyea Townsite Bushwhack tour led by the National Park Service.
  20. Pick-up a self-guided walking tour from the Visitor Information Center.
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