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Ulukhaktok (Holman)

Ulukhaktok, Place one finds material to make ulus

HOLMAN-AUlukhaktok (known until 1 April, 2006 as Holman) is a small hamlet on the west coast of Victoria Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. The 2001 census indicated a population of 398, of which 375 are Inuvialuit or Inuit. Like other small traditional communities in the territories, hunting, trapping, and fishing are major sources of income, but printmaking has taken over as the primary source of income in recent years.

The nineteenth century whalers seldom penetrated as far east as Amundsen Gulf, consequently the explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson was the first qallunaaq, or white man, to visit the Copper Inuit people on the west side of Victoria Island, in 1911. The permanent community formed around a trading post, established in 1940, to capitalize on a then-booming arctic fox fur trapping industry.

Father Henri Tardi came to Holman from France as an Oblate missionary in 1939, and taught the skills of printmaking. Holman is now famous for its Inuit print artists and their work.

With a population of approximately 450 people, Holman boasts a top quality
nine-hole public golf course, and hosts the “Billy Joss Golf Tournament”, the most northernly tournament in Canada. Local guides can help you to also enjoy naturalist expeditions, top quality sport fishing for arctic char and lake trout, and sport hunts.

For information, contact:
Hamlet of Ulukhaktok
PO Box 157, Ulukhaktok, NT  X0E 0S0
Phone: 867-396-8000  •  Fax: 867-396-8001

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