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 The Inuvik Drummers & Dancers were brought together in 1989 by a younger generation of adult Inuvialuit who wanted to bring drum dancing into their lives having been inspired
by the elders of the original Mackenzie Delta Drummers and Dancers. From their guidance and instruction, the group learned the stories of the songs, the drumming and the motions of the dances. They initially practiced beating time on a piece of cardboard until drums were made using antler, caribou skin, wood and sinew.
Members of the group are from the community of Inuvik and number between 30 to 40, ages 5 to 87. There are approximately 15 to 20 youth/ children, 15 adults and 3 elders. Learning
to sing the songs also instills another form of learning and practicing the Inuvialuktun language. The group has performed at many special functions and events, regionally and nationally.

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