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 A diverse and unique community with lots to see and do.
  Most people would find it difficult to tell you what Inuvik has in common with Paris, France, but the answer greets every visitor to our northern city and is probably one of the first things they notice. It is the Igloo Church which bears the same official name as the Basilica of Notre-Dame-des- Victoires (Our Lady of Victory) in Paris.
Our Lady of Victory Church is a major landmark of Inuvik. Built by volunteer labour, this church took two years to build from start to completion. The diameter
of the building is 75 feet. The cross is 9
feet high and is 68 feet above ground. The cupola on which the cross stands is 20 feet in diameter. Visitors may ascend into the cupola and see the unique construction methods used in the building of the Igloo Church. The total cost of construction in 1958 was $70,000 – less than $30 per square foot.
The ceremony of blessing the church was performed by Bishop Piche and took place on August 5, 1960. The title of Our Lady of Victory is one of the many titles given to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

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