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  Breathtaking scenery and northern wildlife
    Ever since its completion in 1979, the mighty Dempster Highway has been on the bucket list for road trippers everywhere. As the only public highway in Canada to cross the Arctic Circle, the Dempster allows intrepid travellers a chance to drive vast stretches of tundra and with it, all of the incredible Northern scenery from mountains to brilliant wildflowers to a Grizzly or two.
Starting 40 kilometres south of Dawson City, Yukon, the Dempster Highway connects Yukon with the Northwest Territories communities of Tsiighetchic, Fort McPherson and Inuvik. From Inuvik, drivers can continue by boat or plane to other Northern communities, or take a spin on the new highway to Tuktoyaktuk.
The Dempster is like no other highway in North America. The unique landscape of the Canadian tundra combined with an utter lack of
traffic and unspoiled vistas make for some of the prettiest driving you can do. Don’t forget to stop at km 403 to celebrate crossing the Arctic Circle.
The highway is open year-round, except for periods during spring thaw and fall freeze-up when the river crossings could be closed. A free ferry will take you across the Peel and Mackenzie rivers from June to October, and in the winter, ice bridges will allow you to cross.
Northwest Territories Parks has beautifully maintained campsites along this route, and roadside services are placed all along this 747 km drive. Be sure to stop at the Eagle Plains Hotel at km 371 for a chance to rest, recharge, and fill your gas tank before continuing your journey to Inuvik and beyond!

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