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“Mouth of the iron river” (867) 953-3201
Population: 160
Stationed atop a commanding bluff at the confluence of the Mackenzie and Arctic Red Rivers, this tiny Gwich’in town is steeped in traditional fishing, hunting and trapping. It’s a worthwhile stop for Dempster Highway travellers, who can stroll the riverbanks, stop in at the new visitor centre, and check out the picturesque, 80-year-old church. Access across the river is via ferry in summer and ice road in winter.
Photo: Anne Kokko/NWT Tourism
“Barrenground grizzly place” (867) 978-2351
Population: 691
This Gwich’in/Inuvialuit town rests on the western flank of the Mackenzie Delta, near to the Richardson Mountains. Once the region’s administrative centre, locals were slated to be moved to Inuvik, but refused – hence their motto, “Never say die.” Don’t miss the grave of the Mad Trapper, the mysterious backwoods killer who led Mounties on one of Canada’s greatest manhunts. Access is by air or water or, in winter, via the ice road from Inuvik.
Paulatuuq – “Place of coal” (867) 580-3531
Population: 304
Near the western mouth of the Northwest Passage, this is a small, traditional Inuvialuit community with deep roots in hunting, trapping and Arctic-char fishing. It’s also a basecamp for trips to Tuktut Nogait National Park, the Cape Parry Bird Sanctuary, and the Smoking Hills, a perpetually burning coal seam. Access is by air from Inuvik.

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