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Whitehorse Trails

trail-with-view-of-whitehorse-IMG_8731Ask a local what they like about living in Whitehorse, and chances are their answer will somehow relate to the ease with which they can access nature and the outdoors. Although it may not be easily apparent to a newcomer, the city of Whitehorse has over 700km (435 mi) of trails that connect neightbourhood to neighbourhood, mountains to riversides, lakes to valleys, and people to nature. Suitable for hiking, biking, walking, cross-country skiing, ATV-ing and more, the trails around Whitehorse are world-renowned and are an integral part of Whitehorse’s lifestyle. The trails are free to access, well-maintained, and yours to explore, so what are you waiting for?

 The Millennium Trail is connects the waterfront along the Yukon River downtown to Riverdale via a pedestrian bridge. It offers access to services and attractions such as the S.S. Klondike, and was the first trail in Whitehorse designed to be accessible for all. It’s paved, offers great views, and is a great place for a post-dinner walk in the evening.

For guided access to trails, contact the Yukon Conservation Society, which hosts free themed hikes close to town and a featured daily hike to Canyon City near Miles Canyon. This beautiful hike is rich with history and scenery: you’ll follow the footsteps of the gold-seekers of ’98 while discovering old mining equipment, evidence of fishing camps, and abandoned structures, as well as stunning views of canyon walls surrounding the Yukon River.

Advanced unpaved trails suitable for mountain biking and hiking cover Grey Mountain and Mount McIntyre, which are world-renowned in the mountain biking community. If you have a suitable vehicle, drive up Grey Mountain road to the top and hike the ridge, pausing to soak up stunning views of downtown Whitehorse and the nearby Southern Lakes region. You can also rent bikes in Whitehorse and explore the trails the way the locals do. Mountain bikers will love the seemingly endless network of single track trails on Grey Mountain and Mount McIntyre, which wind through hills, hidden lakes, ridges and more. Pick up a trail map from one of Whitehorse’s bike stores, or download one online from the City of Whitehorse website.

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